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Dirty Old Town - The Charleville Metal Cow

Dirty Old Town Dirty Old Town Dirty Old Town Dirty Old Town Dirty Old Town

We got a call from Diarmuid Gavin asking if we would volunteer to help with an RTE series he is working on called Dirty Old Town?  The idea is that communities transform their own towns, without grants, without government but by mobilising themselves.  This is how we ended up heading to Charleville with the instruction to work with local volunteers to create a sculpture of a giant cow using donated materials like corrugated tin.

So we loaded up the van with equipment and set off.  We worked alongside some brilliant volunteers over a weekend.  It is amazing what a lot of enthusiastic people can achieve.

Have a look at the Dirty Old Towns facebook page for more.

We think she looks very happy amongst the rolling hills of grass at the entrance to Charleville.


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